Picture of Kevin Beal

Kevin Beal

Developer / Philosopher

Who Am I?

I'm a problem solver and lover operating out of Nevada County, California.

Currently, my day job is working with a great guy named Tyler of Yuzu Design to develop an awesome information infrastructure to help bring the insurance industry out of the stone age.

I'm also the instigator and front-end developer for the FDRPodcasts.com project.

Where to Find Me:

Web Tech I Do

AngularJS, NodeJS, CodeIgniter, MongoDB, Bootstrap, Socket.io, LESS, PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, Javascript, Hyper Text Markup Language 5, Cascading Style Sheets 3, Google Analytics, Highcharts, RaphaelJS, Amazon Web Services, wireframes & Photoshop mockups, etc.

Interested In

Ethereum, D3, Go Lang, ECMAScript 6, Color Theory, modern UX, universal ethics, project bidding, project management, etc.